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Jet Air Blower for Hands - Hand Dryer

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Jet Air Blower for Hands -Bio JangPoong-

Jet Air Blower for Hands, Its speedy dry time and highly refined design create a refreshing lifestyle.

Speed Satisfaction

  • It takes only 7~10 seconds to remove water on the hands with high-speed air.
  • With 'Noise Absorption Module(NAM)', it is proper to use in silent places such as offices and hospitals (BJP1110SV).
  • Multiple Phase Velocity Adjustment Function makes the best environment for removing water on the hands (BJP1110SV).

Design Satisfaction

  • Its elegant design enhances the quality of the environment in which it's installed.
  • The excellence of the design is approved by Korea Institute of Design Promotion receiving ‘Venture Design Award’.

Hygiene Satisfaction

  • As Bio JangPoong removes water on the hands with clean air by Quadruple(4 steps) filter system, the user is safe from poisonous materials such as dioxin, which is used for producing paper towels.
  • The absence of paper maintains a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Interior and exterior parts are injected with antibacterial material and even outer coating(Full Antibacterial Model).
  • Exterior antibacterial coating (Partial Antibacterial Model).

Health Satisfaction

  • The use of antibacterial material, filters and phytoncide prevents the propagation of bacteria and helps maintain hygienic conditions at all times.
  • Touch-Free type of water-removing process prevents the user from the 2nd contamination by dioxin, dust or bacteria, which could occur by using paper towel, fabric towel and other driers.
  • The powerful airflow creates the effect of hand massage.
  • The natural aroma (Phytoncide/Option) gives relaxation and refreshment and enhances antibacterial features.

Cost Satisfaction

  • Bio JangPoong has no heating element to make warm air, but it uses waste heat taken from motor which means that the user can enjoy warm air at 48°C with low usage cost.
  • As the cost for each use of Bio JangPoong is just $0.000241, the user can save over 98.9% of the cost of paper towels.
  • It also saves maintenance cost as there is no need to refill papers.

The longer you use 'Bio JangPoong', the greater appreciation you will have for its cost saving effect and the degree of satisfaction you will derive.

Our product's value and aesthetic qualities speak for themselves.
If you compare the effort and costs required to maintain paper towel or roll towel hand drying units, you will find it easy to make the choice to 'Bio JangPoong'. 'Bio JangPoong' is not a product that only offers instant gratification.
The average cost of each use of ‘Bio JangPoong’ is $0.000241. This represents a saving of over 74.68% that of other conventional products, proving that the longer you use 'Bio JangPoong', the more it will save your money. Its functional convenience will also deepen your sense of satisfaction.

If you change to 'Bio JangPoong' you can save up to 98.9% of the cost of paper towels, and over 74.68% comparing with conventional hand dryer.

Cost Comparative Table Running Cost Comparative Table(USD)

Standard : 600 users per day
Drying time
Cost per use
Monthly cost
Annual cost
Paper Towel
General Type
2 sheets per use
Hand dryer
Electric cost:
Bio JanPoong
High speed

Bio JangPoong's speedy drying system, will not let you wait long. Its simple method of use will refresh and satisfy you.

Men, women, the young and the elderly can easily use Bio JangPoong

1. Insert your stretched hands into the machine as shown.
2. Withdraw hands slowly upwards within 7~10seconds.
3. Take your hands out of the unit



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