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  • MaterialBurning proof ABS

[SpaceLink Corporation]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Korea Top  Jet Hand dryer!

We are the manufacturer of "Bio Jet Hand Dryer" and its brand is called Bio-Drier in U.K, Boost' R in France, Bio Boost'R in Switzerland, DOQO Boost'R in Netherlands, Bio Jet Dryer in U.S.A, Jet-Dryer in Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

<< Brief specification >>

SPACELINK CORPORATION created new technology for the industry of Jet Hand Dryer with its state of the art technology.



Model BJP-1110SV(Adjustable)
Power Consumption


Power Supply AC 110V ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz
Air Velocity 115 m/s
Noise Level Under 65dB
Drying Time 7 ~ 10 sec
Detection Sensor Triple infrared sensor
Net Weight 17.63lbs



11.8/300(W) X 25.59/650(H) X 7.48/190(T)
Material Burning proof ABS (Fireproof level V0) with Antibacterial material


 << Features >>

1. Burning proof ABS plastic : It is the most safe solution to the unexpected fire

2. Enhancing the Hygienic characteristics : Full Antibacterial treatment

- Interior parts : Plastic extrusion with Antibacterial material
- Exterior parts : Plastic extrusion with Antibacterial material + Antibacterial coating

3. Quadruple air filtering system.

   These 4 layers air filtering system guaranty cleaner air to user’s hands to avoid the secondcontamination of hands after washing.

* Filtering process :
1st filter(Pre-filter) → 2nd filter(Antibacterial) → 3rd filter(Activated Carbon Semi Hepa)
 → 4th filter(Polyurethane)

4. For disabled people’s convenience “Bio Jet Hand Dryer” has Triple infrared sensors.

    By using 3 sets of infrared sensors, wherever they put their hands into, “Bio Jet Hand Dryer will be reliably operated.

5. Speed adjustment available : Owner can adjust air speed by 1~5 levels

6. Users don't need to rub hands to dry.

7. By using waste heat of motor, its air blowing temperature rises up to  48.0°C(118.4°F)
8. CPU-controlled circuit with multiple infrared sensors.

9. Applying temperature controller and Automatic Shut-Off system.
    If temperature of motor reaches 80.0°C(176.0°F), it shuts off the motor power and stops operation.
    After overheating condition clears, it automatically recovers the operation.

10. Artistic modern design and sensational colors makes your bathroom impressive.

11. As an interior accessory in the rest room, customers can upgrade the value of their space.

12. Applicable sites : Airport, Hospital, Shopping Center, Office Building, Theater, School, Hotel, Restaurant, Factory etc.

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