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CLOH (Natural Sanitizer)(HOCl)

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  • MaterialHOCL – Hypochlorous acid water 25~30ppm / pH 5.5~6.5
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[SpaceLink Corporation]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

Pure liquid for Sterilization ‘CLOH’

100% Natural Sterilizing with Low Acidic Hypochlorous Acid, 99.999% germ-killing effect


1. Safe and environmental-friendly Sterilization

- Colorless, scentless, spotless, non-toxic and 100% harmless environmental friendly sterilizer

- Effective chlorine concentration 0.1ppm in 30seconds and 99.9% sterilization of colitis germs

2. Safety approved as food additive

- Approved in Korea, and other advanced countries including America, Europe, Japan etc

- Oral dose toxicity test, cumulative skin irritation test, eye irritation test, skin dose toxicity test etc, tested on animals resulting no toxicity

3. CLOH is specialized for sterilization

- CLOH is specialized for viral bacteria, poisonous bacteria, infection type virus sterilization.

- Specialized for colitis germs, Noreo viruses, including salmonella food poisoning sterilization

- Sterilizer used in food, containers, musical instruments, are harmless to human body and is an odorless liquid.


Natural Safe Sterilization “CLOH” is indicated on the MFDS 2007-74 as a food additive sterilizing liquid.

<< Quality Certification >>

Product Name: CLOH

Food Category: Food additive sterilizing liquid

Component: HOCL-Hypochlorous acid water 25~30ppm

Liquid: Acidulant (Ph5.5~6.5)

Volume: 1000ml, 400ml, 60ml

Country: South Korea

Manufacturer/Sales: Spacelink Corporation

Production Date: Indicated separately

Expiration Date: 1year(12 Month)

<< Sterilization efficacy >>

Sterilization and deodorizing of viral bacteria, small poison bacteria, and infection form bacteria.

<< Sterilization object >>

Food and food ingredients: seafood, fruit and vegetable germ, leafy vegetables, etc.

Food processing machinery. Equipment, utensils. Tools, containers, etc.

Sterilizing germs in public

Hand Sterilizer (including Housewives eczema)

Home toiletries (toothbrush, razor) and bedding, clothing, toilet, bathtub, etc

Tools for children and safe sterilization for pets.


Food additive sterilizing liquid certified and approved by FDA, Ministry of Food and Dru g Safety (MFDS) and Japan MHLW.


CLOH is hypochlorous acid (HOCI) water generating device, which sterilize and destructs various virus and bacteria extensively.

What is HOCI?

HOCI is colorless, Scentless, Spotless, Non-Toxic electrolysis liquid of Safe/Hygienic natural sterilizer

HOCI have generated with electrolysis compound water and HCI from non-diaphragm electrolytic cell. 

Why CLOH !

Recently, interests in sanitation have increased rapidly due to variety of bacteria and viruses penalized; even personal hygiene is emerging as a major issue.

Using CLOH makes able to sterilize easily at any time by generating HOCI and change hygienic habits.



-Smart Digital APP management function

-Self-Diagnosis feature Alarm function

-Outside pH sensor supply (Optional)


-Various sterilizer generations in uses (Food, Baby Products, Kitchen appliances etc.

-Short HOCI Generating time.

-Safe and removal easy dedicated cartridge

Good Design

-Beautiful and simple design / minimum space installation

-Suitable color Terrier effect (White, Black, Red, Blue) 


Product Detail Image

CLOH - Hypochlorous Water Generator

CLOH - Hypochlorous Water Generator

CLOH - Hypochlorous Water Generator

CLOH - Hypochlorous Water Generator

CLOH - Hypochlorous Water Generator